MBA Internships : entrepreneurial non-paid internship for 10 weeks from Lifebushido

Lifebushido, a fast growing U.S. company, is seeking to hire 10 MBA students for a unique entrepreneurial non-paid internship for 10 weeks during 2011 for 10-40 hours per week.

MBA Interns will work on one of 10 ventures involving business, creative, or social entrepreneur focus including going from concept to launch to revenue in 10 weeks.

Please see for further details.

We seek to be connected to the core group of your students who have an entrepreneurial interest who are passionate about starting their own business within 1,000 days of graduating. Lifebushido was started in 2006 by Steve Kantor, who previously sold his $2 million revenue software company in 2004 to Vocus (VOCS). Steve’s background is at:

We have designed a great opportunity for MBA students, primarily Year 1, who have a passion for entrepreneurship and like to move fast. Interns can work flexible hours from anywhere in the world. Our company is 100% virtual, around the world.

For details please visit.

How to apply:

Go to for complete instructions on how to apply

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