Mark Twain Research Project

Mark Twain Research Project for author writing a book about Mark Twain and the Holy Land (Mark Twain in India)

Mark Twain was in India from 20th January to the end of March 1896. He arrived in Bombay/Mumbai and went overland to Benares/Varanasi, Calcutta, Darjeeling, Lucknow, Lahore, Hindu Kush, then sailed from Calcutta. At the time he was in his late fifties and one of the most famous authors in the world. He was in India as part of a world lecturing tour to promote himself and his books.

On completion he wrote ‘Following the Equator’. This is available as a free download on Gutenberg and other web publishers. The chapters on India are 38-62. Details of where he was when and what he did are hard to find in the chapters.

Research is needed in India for two/three months to build up a schedule of where he was and when, where he stayed, what he did, etc etc. Although the information in the chapters is sketchy there will be excellent archive material, newspaper cuttings etc about such a high profile tour.

The author is currently finishing a book about Mark Twain and the Holy Land, please see – and this book about Mark Twain in India is the sequel.

He plans to visit India in Jan/Feb next year to follow in his footsteps so this post needs immediate action.

Only serious candidate with strong research background in Arts and Journalism need apply

If you are seriously interested in Mark Twain and his work and want to be a part of this opportunity to do research on Mark Twain’s journey in India send your resume to

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