Interns for Electronic Hardware/Software Development for GSM Controlled Devices

Interns for Electronic Hardware/ Software Development for GSM Controlled Devices – MCA/ B.Tech Intern Training with GVC

We are looking for interns for six months on site training for MCA 4th sem and B Tech 8th students (who need six months full time industrial training like students of PTU)

About GVC
We are an electronics design company and engaged in development of various devices. We operate from Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity University Campus, Sector 125, Noida. Recently we received a seed fund of 20 Lacs from a govt deptt to work on some new innovative technologies including GSM and TCP/IP enabled street lights, traffic signals, parking counters and security systems.

What is embedded
We are working on software that goes inside hardware.

In computer software user key in data from key board (or bar code scanner) and see results on screen (or may be printer) and most of the users are trained for using the software/package.

In embedded software there are input and output however they many not look like keypad or display screen.

Input may be a temperature sensor and output is switching of on/off compressor and logic include switching on compressor when temperature is 1 degree higher and switching off compressor when it is 1 degree lower than then desired temperature. Plus there are logic for changing fan speed, adjusting set temperature after some time and even switching off device in case of high or low voltage and display of current room temperature. This is what you see in a window air con with remote control. What you may not know is that it has a small tiny size computer inside which runs a program written in ‘C’ language.

What is challenge

  • The users are not trained. The products is used by every one , from your family including mom/dad/grand parents/young kids to house main to security persons to a bus driver and ……
  • They use and misuse it, press wrong keys, make wrong settings.
  • You need to be more creative and take care of all conditions.
  • Testing in tough, there are no well defined tools.
  • You need to be comfortable with electronics and unknown.
  • Product is installed in tough domains and you need to be there for field testing, understand bugs and may be modify them onsite. Our team is used to work on top of traffic light poles, roof of elevators inside, in public toilets, in condom manufacturing plants, in luxury bath tubs, public toilets and even ‘Murga Mandi’.

What is excitement/future

  • Embedded is growing at much faster pace. For every computer that you see there are 50 embedded devices used in homes, offices, buildings, roads, cars, kitchen …… They are more customised and there is an acute shortage of people who under stand and willing to do some thing different.
  • It takes longer to master and so there is less competition.
  • It is more fun, your development can be seen, understood and used by your parents, family, friends families and so on.

You are best

  • if you enjoy learning new things, open and read each instruction manual, first one to open any new product, instrument. Know every thing about your mobile/laptop/aircon/music system including battery voltage, called by every one to fix gas cylinder to blown fuse.
  • Member of online communities related to software and (hardware) on facebook/orkut, Post queries or reply to them regularly.
  • Know lot of tricks in computer and mobile.
  • Passionate about being differnt.
  • Do not want to join Infosys/TCS/Wipro.

What you will be working on

  • You will be working on GSM enabled devices, learn how to send SMS, call and connect to web using ‘C’ programming.
  • You will be assisting a senior programmer and she/he will delegate part of their jobs to you. Exact job depends upon your skills, interest and our requirement.

Other conditions

  • Training is expensive, you are getting it free of cost. However you can not leave mid way. You HOD/TPO will be required to give us an undertaking that you will be present on all days and there is no need for you to visit college for any reason during six months of internship.
  • There are no holidays, You work seven days a week. Six days in office and seventh day we may allow you to work from home.
  • You are allowed max of 12 leaves in six months period and around 30 days of operation from homes (that is usually on sundays or normal holidays)

What we commit

  • Your friends will be jealous of you. Your parents will be proud of you. You will be thrilled

To Apply:

  • To Apply you can send your resume to

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  1. Balaje Prasath

    on November 13, 2010 at 4:13 am - Reply


    I am MCA final year student, we are in chennai how it will be possible ;


    on December 6, 2010 at 10:15 am - Reply


  3. lavi

    on January 3, 2011 at 4:51 am - Reply

    I am student of IInd year and have only two months of summer training, but your outstanding idea and my practicality in programming language attracts me towards you. please enrich me for two months.

  4. Md. Anish

    on January 16, 2011 at 5:46 am - Reply

    I am a 3rd year student uin B.Tech. and have just two months of training period available.
    Can we be a part of the programme??

  5. pruthvi srinivas j

    on February 8, 2011 at 6:19 pm - Reply

    I am a student of IIIrd year and have only two months of summer vaccation, but your outstanding idea and my intrest in programming language attracts me towards you.i would be delighted to undergo this training programme for two months.Awaiting for your response.
    yours sincerely,
    pruthvi srinivas j,electronics &communication
    vit university

  6. mohsinali

    on February 16, 2011 at 5:47 am - Reply

    dear sir,
    I get only two month vacation and I am from hyderabad.. but I am interested in your program. So can you please tell me How is it possible for me to attend your program.

  7. abhishek

    on March 12, 2011 at 4:38 am - Reply

    I am student of YCCE Nagpur and I get only two month vacation. but I am interested in your program. So can you please tell me How is it possible for me to attend your program.

  8. Sumana Mandal

    on March 30, 2011 at 4:24 am - Reply


    I m a 3rd year(6th sem) undergraduate pursuing B.E in Electronics Engg. from Mumbai University.

    I have made Automatic Stopwatch, Autonomous line follower Robot and a DTMF based Cell-phone Controlled Robot in my preceeding semesters.

    I have learnt VHDL, MATLAB,C & JAVA as a part of my syllabus. My keen ineterst is designing of PCBs and Electronics goods. I would like to join your internship programme.
    Kindly, contact me at my e-mail id with the necessary details.
    Thank you

    your sincerely

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