Internship Program for Law / Legal Interns with Biz&Legis at Cochin

Legal Internship for BA LLB with Biz&Legis at Cochin

Internships are a great way to get experience during college. Here at Biz & Legis, we run a dedicated training program and work assignments for our Interns who come from different parts of India. The program includes sessions introducing our main areas of practice and training geared toward developing skills for a successful career. Many of our training sessions are run by partners or senior associates. Interns are also invited and encouraged to participate in the training offered to associates, which includes everything from in-house classes on different branches of law to discussions on recent developments in the industry and seminars on depositions and discovery.

Internship Programs run throughout the year and are mostly unpaid unless otherwise stated.

Job Title: Internship Program
Job Location: Cochin
Stipend: Nil
Company Name: Biz&Legis
Company profile: Biz & Legis is a Corporate and Litigation firm registered in India providing International Legal Support Services. We have got both International and Domestic practice wings. The International Desk mainly caters to clients from Americas and UK. In our Domestic wing, there are both Litigation and Corporate divisions and we are in the process of building up several specialized practice groups.

To attract young talent to our growing firm and to give them an opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most experienced and talented lawyers and above all to experience an inclusive global culture and interaction; we have devised some programs for the academically gifted and commercially astute.
Details of internship: The Internship is programmed AND designed for 30 Days
Desired profile:

Education BA LLB
Experience NA
Duration of internship Minimum of one month
Any other information
How to apply: Please send a request to
Company website:

4 Responses to “Internship Program for Law / Legal Interns with Biz&Legis at Cochin”

  1. Rusty says:

    This sounds like a great program, it must be nice for law firms to be able to train international students on sight. I like how partners or senior associates run the training sessions. This is a great way to inspire young interns and get them involved by showing them the positions they could one day have. Great post.

  2. nitesh says:

    can the time limit of the program be increased more than one month..?

  3. Vincent Didacose V says:


    Internship program in law, especially in an international firm is always worth, even if it is for a month (.) It will surely enrich the practical knowledge for just passed advocates (.) Apart from the knowledge, the experience they get in different fields in differnt subjects that all also in an international and advaced angle, will be really useful (.) I take this opportunity to appreciate the M/s. Biz & Legis for offering such programmes (.)

    I remain (,)

    Vincent Didacose V
    LLM Student, CUSAT

  4. Namitha says:

    Can first-year B.A., L.L.B students also join this internship?

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