Content Developers for is providing opportunity for content writing internship

Job type: Part-Time (work from home)
Compensation: 2000 Rs. on completing the target
Up to 6000 Rs. on overachieving the target
Job Description:

The Motto at MP has always been “Help Others and Help Yourself”. Content developers being pillars to the foundation of Management Paradise, need to have it engrained in themselves.

You need to be energetic about tirelessly helping newbie’s to show them around the forum and place links wherever required, council members in public forum or through messaging system and encourage their participation. You will be in charge of creating compelling content which catches the eye of industry and academia alike.

And of course, you need to be on the forum most time of the day (and preferably by voluntarily night) to contribute, guide, network and grow. You should be enthusiastic about keeping MP abreast with the latest happenings in management world, maintain discussion standards and you need to lead from front.

You need to have a balanced head above your shoulder and a good sense of humor just adds to the charisma. The authority and importance that you will receive at MP should be dealt with great responsibility (sounds like a line from Spiderman movie, doesn’t it?

Company Description: is a free to join community started with a simple vision to provide a quality platform for Management students to interact and we are today backed by over 200000 members, fortifying our belief that the Internet would continue to gain significant importance in imparting quality education to tomorrow’s managers. ManagementParadise has grown its vision and depth over the years having partnered with premier Management Institutes like IIM Indore, IIM Calcutta, IIM K, Welingkars Institute, etc for their college festival as media partners. MP’s association doesn’t stop with colleges, we have partnered with corporate events like TIE summit 2007, Yourstory.In Entrepreneur summit in 2008 and IIT-Kharagpur E-Summit 2009 as well.

With the belief that “Everything that touches management education is our kingdom” we fill the gap between education that an IIM student would receive and a St Francis MBA through research dissemination, thus revolutionizing management education.

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