TheHotShot.Org Internship / Freelance Opportunity

TheHotShot.Org Internship / Freelance Opportunity gives you chance to earn Rs 1500/article. If you have the power of words & can write compelling / persuasive articles, then we have the opportunity for you at

Number of positions available – 2

You will be asked to submit 4 articles in a week and will be given Rs. 1500/article through bank transfer/PayPal/Cheque

How to apply-

Write a sample article on any of the following features-

1. My perfect business Idea
2. How to write a perfect resume
3. Write an ad for a campus ambassador program with a startup company
4. An inspirational story
5. Write a business plan
6. How to monetize your website


Work form Campus

And submit your sample article here –


Manu Siddharth

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