Pharma, Life Sciences R&D Training Initiative by NexGen Biosolutions

NexGen Biosolutions a leading bio-services provider and research consulting organization has started its Training Initiative for B.Tech/B.Sc. Ist-IVth Year, M.Tech/M.Sc. Ist & IInd Year, Ph.D.

NexGen Biosolutions training will be a 4-12 week rigorous orientation towards Pharma/Life Sciences R&D. This will include, but not limiting to, R&D processes, drug/diagnostic/biopharmaceutical development life cycle, R&D productivity mapping, research information management, bioinformatics etc.

The training is a mix of instruction and exercises over a period of 4-12 weeks. There is material to read while attending the sessions and a coursework assignment at regular intervals that should be completed to receive credit for the training.

NTI Topics:

* Biotechnology Research-Basics
* Bioinformatics
* Biotechnology SOP’s –What & How
* Biotechnology Product Development Life Cycle
* Portfolio Management & Resource Planning
* KPI’s, Metrics & Reporting
* R&D Process Mapping and Productivity Improvement

About NexGen Biosolutions:

NexGen Biosolutions is a leading bio-services provider and research consulting organization. We are the trusted partner of researchers seeking new approaches to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and compress timelines in the discovery process. Using our unique expertise in the combined fields of molecular biology, protein chemistry, bioinformatics, and Cheminformatics, we provide a full range of innovative solutions that improve productivity and enable breakthrough discoveries.

NTI Objectives:

* To increase the individual’s understanding of life sciences as a domain.
* To help them determine their future role in this fastest growing industry
* To keep them abreast of what and who of this interesting area

Who Should Attend/Prerequisites:

All life sciences’ aspiring graduates (B.Tech/B.Sc. Ist-IVth Year, M.Tech/M.Sc. Ist & IInd Year, Ph.D.)
NTI Format and Duration

How to Apply or Obtain Further Information:

To register for NTI, please contact Dr. Bharti Garg (Head-Scientific Support) at 9891170111 or by email or the NTI Office at 0120-4124130 or by email

For more information, please visit

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