AIESEC Baroda member Internship Case study

Following mentioned is a case study of a student who went to an internship through AIESEC in Baroda and this is what he has to say.

On my very first day of arrival I was welcomed by a bunch of enthusiastic AIESECers waiting for me at the airport. The warm welcome and the feeling of security was what touched me the most. At that moment I wished that each person should get the same kind of treatment, when on internship.

After the warm welcome I was taken to my room which I shared with two roommates, both from Philippines. One of them was studying computer engineering while the other was perusing his bachelor’s in Business Administration. I got well along with them. Also I was amazed to see the diversity of people present there. These were people from more than 9 different countries .

Talking about my internship here. I was working with an NGO named SOS. Its  an NGO that works for orphan and destitute children and helps them to lead a decent life . I worked with around 14 children and carried out enormous activities right from playing with them to being a teacher to them. I felt great and more human by giving a bit of myself in upliftment of these kids .This internship through AIESEC Baroda has moved me totally in terms of emotions that people share all over the world and how one feels after being helped and being taken care of by a stranger. I’m really grateful to AIESEC Baroda for providing me such an opportunity.

What AIESEC has for you

AIESEC is a youth driven organization for impactful experiences that help individuals realize their potential. AIESEC offers international internships, global learning environment that will help in improving ones functional and soft skills and networking opportunities that help you form valuable skills that can have a positive impact on society. All this, while developing the leader in you and connecting you with young people across cultures.

Steps to the process

  1. Selection and Application – After joining and understanding AIESEC you can enter a review process to assess your experiences and motivation for doing an AIESEC exchange.
  2. Preparation – AIESEC provides resources, trainings and support to prepare you to live and work in another country. This includes visa processing.
  3. International Marketing – You will get trained and be given access to use our on-line database of available internship offers. The more flexible you are the better.
  4. Integration – AIESEC members in your host chapter provide support and assistance in getting setup while providing opportunities for cultural and social activities.
  5. Re-Integration – AIESEC supports you in making the readjustment process when you return home.

Types of Internships

  1. Management – traineeships related to administration, finance, accounting, marketing, project management and HR.
  2. Development – usually with NGOs, traineeships usually relate to wide variety of issues in community development.
  3. Technical – traineeships relate to management and development in web, software, networks, and databases, plus some engineering.
  4. Education – traineeships relate to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and counseling in education sector.

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