Colon K Internship for Graduates/ Post Graduates

Colon K’s Ambassadors focus on promoting the brand Colon K in their universities and figure out the best ways for Colon K to be involved at their universities. In short, they are the strategic link between universities and Colon K. At their college, they will make us what we want to be.

What you should do?

1. Serve as a strategic link between the campus and Colon K.
2. Identify events on campus which are beneficial for Colon K to participate.
3. Help manage and ensure the success of Colon K’s orders on campus, by being our primary point of contact.
4. Keep in regular touch with student councils, organizing bodies of events to raise Colon K’s visibility on campus and obtain orders from them.
5. Assist in the process of selecting interns or creative heads from your college.
6. Assist in the process of selecting the Campus Ambassador for the next academic year. Yes, its a one year stint.

What you will get?

1. Earn royalty on every product we sell on your campus! Imagine that.
2. Best of the lot. You will develop valuable communication and project management skills.
3. Needless to say, you will create a name for urself and start to grow your professional network.
4. You will also get to exercise your own creativity and innovation. Pitch a few designs/ products yourself may be!
5. Get fun Colon K gear!
6. Colon K coupons to buy merchandise online at great discounts.
7. Certificate based on your performance. Its a win-win!

What should you have?

1. Be in your second year at least.
2. Strong interpersonal skills.
3. Involvement in or knowledge of campus life (extracurricular activities, student organizations). Its always better if you know things inside out!
4. Passion for creativity and innovation.
5. Good academic performance to date.
6. One-year commitment. Its worth it.

If you think you have it in you, here’s how to apply:

1. Download the application from here.
2. Fill in your details in the format and mail it to us at Also tell when it is convenient for us to call you.
3. Wait for a telephonic interview.

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