Art Co. Events MBA Internship for Business Development Executive Trainee at Pune.

Art Co. Events ( Event Management Services) is a 5 year old below-the-line agency specializing in providing solutions in Corporate Events, Targeted Promotions, Private & Commercial Parties, Celebrity Engagement, Weddings, Parties, Audio-visual Films & Technology Interfaces for brands’ communication needs. Website

Location: Pune

Key Responsibilities:

• Accept briefs from the Client Servicing functionaries across the Events, Promotions & Special Projects
• Spearhead & assist the ideation process & procure approvals.
• Ensure clarity in communication, providing for it with as less generation-loss from the ideated direction
as possible
• Enable timely handover of creative & operational deliverables to respective functionaries.
• Office Work

How To Apply:

* Interested Candidates can send their CV at

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