Internship with Young India for Graduates/ Engineering/ MBA

Young India is a new, aggressive and young organization. We provide promotional solutions to various talents, individuals, groups, ideologies, institutes and companies. Youth is the motto of organization so it has a young and dynamic culture and on a mission to prove the power of creative young minds to the world. Our each employee is a unique person who matches our way of thinking and believes in changing the way India think. For more information, about the organization log on to . Read through the about us and mission and vision of our organization.

Job Discription:

We are looking for young creative mind that have the passion and zeal to work in the area of marketing and sales. We are looking for candidates with excellent communication and pleasing personality.

1) They will be marketing our services to various educational and corporate bodies.
2) They will make presentations to school, educational institutes, corporate and work as relationship managers and perform collaboration activities with them
3) They would be provided with a lucrative commission plan directly related to performance.
4) Candidates with experience in organizing events at various levels would be given preference.
5) The candidates should be good in communication as they will be interacting people from education industry and other corporate profile people.

Few points regarding the internship project and your learning out of it:

1) Major form of communication with us will be online and telephonic as you will you will be the key representative of the organization in your region for this period.
2) Being the sole representative you will have lots of responsibility which would enhance your skills.
3) At Yindia we promote people to work their own way out. so you will get chance to formulate plans, execute them show your creative instincts which would be a learning for you.
4) The clientele you would be interacting with would be management of schools, management of coaching centre’s that prepare for various entrance exams, management of various top corporate and professional education institutes. Talking and communicating with such people would itself be a challenge and breakthrough for you.
5) You will gain experience of corporate marketing and sales.

Project 1 Profile:

1) You have to promote our website It is an upcoming biggest website of India.
2) We have a product call E-c@demics an online examination facility , which you have to market and sell to various education centre’s and institutions.
3) The product would be subscription based, each license will cost around 15-20k. You get a direct 10% commission in it which is 1.5-2k per sale of license.
4) You have to meet communicate and collaborate with various schools and education institute and work as relationship managers with them.

Project 2 profile:

1) Candidate with right creative skill set will get a chance to design there own online competition /event.
2) Then they will make the promotional, advertising and marketing strategy for that. The relationship established during the period will help them in promotion.
3) They will work on sponsorship.
4) Finally their performance will be measured on basis of the revenue generated through that. They will be solely responsible for organizing, managing, promoting, marketing and finally profit generation.
5) Performance will be measure based on the profit generated and the manager will get 20 percent of profit generated as stipend.
6) This project is a direct method to judge the combination of handwork, management and creativity which is the key differential trait of a true manager.
7) Each event would be considered as a separate business plan and a separate training certification will be given for this project.

To Apply:

  • Interested candidates to apply can send your resume at

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