Summer Interns/ Part time Social Media Executives required for GenerousGenies

GenerousGenies, don’t care if you are a drop-out, a college student an MBA or an engineer. It can be a great work from home opportunity where you can work on Social Media Marketing, Blogging, LinkedIn, twitter connection generation etc. We are headed by a team of experts with more than 6 years of IT experience and folks who have also been associated with the Best Blogs in India like WATBlog etc.

What skills do we need:

We welcome anyone who has great mind for researching online products,services,technology etc and can blog , make connections on LinkedIn, twitter etc.

DO contact us if:

  • You think internet is changing the way users and thus businesses communicate
  • You would like to research on cutting edge (*cough* *cliche*) technologies on the internet and mobile

Do we pay:

Yes for sure we will pay but it will depend on the work, quality of work etc. We may request you to write a couple of introductory blogs etc for which you may not get paid as they are introductory ones but for sure we will pay once finalized.

Ok , But How much :

Depends on every assignment and will be shared in advance. For eg we are happy to pay anywhere between Rs 100 to 500 for a blog , Rs 1000 per 100-400 linkedIn connections etc and the limit is just limited by your expectation.

How to Reach us:

Just send us your brief CV/ Biodata at and also send us your sample blog for review.

Seen you soon as part of GenerousGenies team.

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