Enthrall Media Full Time Summer Internship for PHP/ Javascript/ HTML/ CSS Developers

Enthrall Media is looking to hire a developer to participate in several interesting startup web projects.

Your responsibilities will include:

Assume technical ownership of multiple website projects. We expect you to be a no-excuse self starter and an independent worker.


  1. Candidates should have at least 2 years of coding/web development experience through work or class/personal projects.
  2. Experience/interest in social media (Facebook/Twitter) and particularly experience in developing applications for social media platforms would be great.
  • Skills: PHP/ Javascript/ HTML/ CSS
  • Experience: in CMS’s like WordPress, Photoshop (or other graphics tool) is a plus
  • Education: Any
  • Employee Benefits: We can assure you of a working environment where you will learn constantly and a democratic team where your ideas will be taken seriously.
  • Salary: Rs. 7,000 and above per month
  • Type: Full time

To Apply:

  • You can apply to the internship by sending an email with your resume to enthrallmedia@indianinternship.com

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