Prima Clinics looking for Architecture, Interior Design, Marketing and Web Design Interns

Prima Clinics intends to revolutionize primary health care in India. We intend to be the largest chain of clinics in India where care is standardized, and a quality patient experience is ensured throughout locations.

We are looking for interns to help us in our venture in the following areas.

Architecture and Interior Design

The Need: Prima Clinics strongly believes in patient participation, and a soothing, comfortable interior will go a long way in putting the patients at ease. Being a one stop shop for a multitude of operations, a layout that maximizes operational efficiency is of paramount importance. At the same, the layout and interiors would need to be replicable throughout different locations. The layout and interiors would be the face of Prima Clinics and should reflect our professionalism and standards.

Deliverables: Floor Plan, Interior Decor

Duration: 2 weeks

Marketing Strategy

The Need: Marketing is the backbone of any business. A strong marketing strategy would go a long way in bringing people close to Prima Clinics and engaging them in the health-building process. Prima Clinics would be synonymous with quality care and would be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when it comes to health. Coupled with branding, efficient marketing would enable more people to benefit from Prima Clinics’ affordable world class care. It would enable Prima Clinics carve a niche for itself and set itself in a league of its own in the minds of people.

Deliverables: Marketing Survey, Strategy, Methods, Tools; Budget Estimate

Duration: 4-8 weeks


The Need: In the information overdrive age we live in, presence on the Internet is essential to complement the professional services we provide in our clinics. Our website would act as the first point of contact for a majority of our young, educated clientele, and must be able to provide comprehensive information with a few clicks, yet maintain the same professional look and feel our customers would experience in the clinic.

Deliverables: Mockups, Colour Schemes, Navigation, Page Layouts, Page Content, Images, Icons

Duration: 4 weeks

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