Marketing Internships with at Bangalore

Marketing Internships with at Bangalore is starting from Mid -March, 2010. As Learn18 has immediate requirements, will start the interviews soon.

To Apply:

Please send your CV or brief profile to
Job description:
Here is a work profile, the remuneration will be completely performance based. We will be starting the interviews soon.

You have meet students, conduct demos at private classes, student groups, colleges, recruit students, manage tests at various centers across Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities. Your perfromance will be based on the resulting sales from each such programs. You will also have to come out with new ideas and marketing plans for various products of

We are looking to start inducting student interns for this from Mid -March, 2010. Please confirm if you would be fine about the profile and we will arrnage a telephonic and in person interviews for you in our Bangalore office.

Qualification requirement:
1. Any graduate who can speak local language, commerce or MBA graduation is plus
2. Prior sales experience is ideal
3. Willingness to work under performance models
4. Should have a cellphone and zeal to meet people

Responsibility and work nature:

1. Meeting students, education houses, teaching classes
2. Work with targets on sale and clients
3. Selling physical edu-cards and online solutions
4. Weekly reporting

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