Marketing & Business Development Internships at Gurgaon

We (Cryobanks International India) are in the process of hiring students for internships. Below mentioned are the details of company and job profile. If you are interested in collaborating with us on the same kindly revert back on the same mail or call on the below mentioned phone numbers.

Cryobanks International India Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in umbilical cord blood banking. it JV between Cryobanks International USA and RJ Corp founded in 2006. Cryobanks is a leader in the collection, processing and banking of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Cryobanks International provides a Private Cord Blood Storage Program for expecting families that wish to privately store their baby’s precious stem cells and a Public Cord Blood Donation Program for those who prefer to donate.

To Apply:

Send your resume at to Apply for this internship

Group Name:

RJ Corp—Diversified MNC catering to different conglomerate of franchisees like Pepsi, Pizza hut, Costa Coffee etc.

Head Office: Gurgaon

Presence: PAN India and global operations

Domain: Marketing & Business Development

Job description:


  • To spread awareness about stem cell banking
  • To conduct surveys and analysis
  • To meet expectant mothers and their families
  • To study market share and positioning of Cryobanks in the market.
  • To understand the scope of transplants using cord blood stem cells.
  • To conduct surveys( equipments, staff behavior and hygiene factors) for hospitals and medical facilities where deliveries are taking place

Locations : we have PAN India locations

Kindly revert back on the same mail in case of any doubts or queries.

Contact Details:

Company: Cryobanks International India pvt. ltd
Contact Person: Varun Sharma Hr
Contact : 9654125227

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