Engineering/ MCA projects with

Engineering/ MCA projects with as (owned by TechSense Labs) is One Stop Solution for Engg/ MCA Projects, which will develop projects online (from anywhere) under the guidance of their mentors (industry working professionals). One Stop Solution for Engg/MCA Projects

* Develop projects online (from anywhere) under the guidance of our mentors (industry working professionals).

Project enrollment fee: RS 1200/ per project.
Application Deadline: 10 the Feb 2010.
Project Schedule: 15th Feb 2010 to 15th Apr 2010.

Please Visit: to see complete list of Engg/MCA projects.

For any query Call us as the contact details are given below:

Contact Information:
Company Name: TechSense Labs Private Limited
Phone: 011-46561945
Mobile: +91-9311481855

Email: ( Send your resume to this Email-Id to apply )

Address : #211-A, Savitri Nagar, New Delhi- 17.

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