PHP, .Net & Web Designing Internships for B.Tech / MCA at CaspianTechnosys

PHP, .Net & Web Designing Internships for B.Tech / MCA at CaspianTechnosys as CaspianTechnosys provides a wide range of Web design, Software development and BPO services.


1. Students shall be admitted by respective Universities in their constituent and affiliated colleges in the domain referred above.
2. The company may be associated with the selection process to hasten the process but the regulations of respective Universities may vary.
3. The company shall have a test for the students who are ready for Internship and then shortlist students for the purpose. The University Coordinator shall make alternative arrangements for such students who are successful till reaching the final semester but fail to meet the expectations of the company.
4. There may be internships with stipend or not.
5. The company will ensure to convert the students who successfully complete their internship into Employees but such commitments are dependent on the prevailing economic conditions and needs of the company.
6. The company shall evaluate the performance of the students during their internship and award marks that shall be considered for the award of the respective degree/diploma to the student.
7. The prospective “Interns” shall abide by all the terms and regulations of the Internship Program as stipulated by the company.


1. The company shall take the students as “Interns” or “Trainees” as a part of the University Coordinator Program/Course.
2 The company shall / shall not pay any stipend to the students during the Internship period. If the company is comfortable can plan for some incentives and other benefits when and where available
3 The students shall be under the direct control of the company during the period of internship.
4 The company shall do knowledge transfer on key practical areas to the students during the period of internship.
5 The company shall assess the students’ knowledge in the domain they work and submit an evaluation for the purpose of the concerned University.
6 The company shall certify the project/work reports of the students that have to be submitted to their University as part of their course completion.
7 The fee structure would be decided on a case to case basis.

To Apply:
For Internship Openings in Caspiantechnosys send your resume to

Project Details:



Caspian Technosys is going to launch a search engine portal by the month of May. Caspian technosys mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful “. The search engine, the quality of search results and also allows unstructured information to be automatically classified with semantic metadata .Caspiantechnosys’s search engine portal includes classifieds, news, job-portal, social network, debate and many other interesting features.

* Software Tools: DOT-NET, JAVA, PHP, Web design.
* Duration: 4Months.
* Fees: 5000
* Seats: 30.


CaspianTechnosys is going to launch a pride and prestigious worldwide project in the month of May. The main concept of this project is nothing much expected anything from anyone except unity and humanity. Apart from software activities, BPO services, CaspianTechnosys participates in welfare activities. Caspian technosys mission is to bring all Welfare organizations under one roof.

This project passes a message to everyone to join hands, help poor and bring unity and humanity. Initially we concentrate in our state, later other states and later on world-wide. We help poor and assist more than 250 organizations including (welfare, child development, orphans, old age homes and back-ward people). To maintain the track record and database related to activities and welfare associations, we form an organization by maintaining a website.

Software Tools: DOT-NET, PHP, Web design.
Duration: 4 Months.
Fee: 5000/-
Seats: 30


CaspianTechnosys also offers the courses in Dot-net, PHP, Web-designing and Multimedia along with live projects which are mentioned below:

01. Hospital Management System

Software Tools: Dot Net, Java
Duration: 2-3 months.
Fees: 4000/-

02. Time Sheet Management System

Software Tools: Java/.NET
Duration: 2 months.
Fees: 4000/-

03. Finger Prints Application Software.

Software Tools: Java/.NET
Duration: 2 months.
Fees: 5000/-


CaspianTechnosys is also developing websites for

01. Online Shopping Mall.

Software Tools: PHP/.NET, Web design.
Duration: 2 months.
Fees: 4000/-

02. Matrimonial projects.

Software Tools: .NET/PHP.
Duration: 2 months. Fees: 5000/-

03. Data Management system

Software Tools: Java/Dot Net, Web design.
Duration: 2 months.
Fees: 3500/-

04. Jewelers.

Software Tools: Dot Net/PHP, Web design.
Duration: 2 months.
Fees: 4000/-

05. Hotels & Resorts

Software Tools: Dot Net/PHP, Web design.
Duration: 2 months.
Fees: 4000/-

Note: In category 2 and 3 are the client’s projects and gain the real time experience and upcoming projects for the November month are follows: Call Center Resource management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Sales Management System, Social Network site and many more. Fees structure varies from project to project.

NOTE: In category 1 projects TITTLE INDIA and UNTIY AND HUMANITY are company owned projects and maintenance sites:

The candidates are offered:

1. We provide you the work experience and grade you as a developer
2. We provide you the relieving letter, experience certificate and also reference
3. We recognize you with an employee ID
4. We provide you a bank A/c’s and official mail id’s
5. Since our portal is a maintenance site requires a huge manpower, opportunity can become an employee

In category 2 & 3 projects, we offer the candidates a real time experience with live projects and provided an experience certificate from the organization.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: SUMAN (HR DEPT 040-39103136) Business Development Manager
Telephone: 9849706399 9010234655

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