Marketing summer Internships in India at Nadlas

Marketing summer Internships in India at Nadlas. It is an initiative to make reach domain name booking customized email id solutions and a basic web parking page to each and every Indian, weather Individual or Company in a very economic and basic price.

How to apply:
Email your resume to

Location: India
Stipend: Commission Based

Internship-Marketing: Intern Responsibilities:

* THE BEST PART ABOUT is that you get an opportunity to work on a LIVE PROJECT on a PART TIME / FULL TIME BASIS and sharpen you marketing skills in your very city right from your very own home grounds.
Desired Intern profile:

* All you need to have is the will & ability complimented with a bit of knowledge of this growing industry, and WOLLA!! you are a part of the biggest internet revolution that’s yet to come to India.

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