Industrial Summer Training for Engineering / Graduates

Internship for Engineering today almost every Engineering & Professional graduate programs in India include Summer Training as an important part of their curriculum, with an objective to enhance the knowledge of the students on different cutting edge technologies which has been important part of respective industry but most of the students always run to obtain a merely certificate and due to this there is serious lack of trained professionals with the desired skill sets to take on the ever increasing demand of an industry.

For a long time after independence (India) the lack of industrialization meant that many of these young professionals had to go without proper training during internship period earmarked in the under-graduate programs. The world moves from industrial age to intellectual property based wealth generation structures i.e. factories replaced by call-centers and technology companies viz. chip design, software. Tools for generating this wealth in the form of software, [patents] and documented processes is available easily in the hands of people hitherto on the wrong side of longitudes and time-zones or urban-rural divides.

The traditional approach being defined as :

1. Look for name brands and try and get a Training Certificate.
2. Put your dad-mom ‘s, uncle’s and aunt’s social network to work and land an internship. This normally gets you a certificate and usually not much as else as someone is merely obliging your relatives.
3. Your seniors sometimes can help place interns in the companies they work for, this generally works if you happen to belong to elite institutes like IITs, IIITs and NITs.
4. Your institutes placement cell:- Unless you need a 6-month training placement, the companies normally don’t bother offering training through placement cell.

5. Paid training to learn a new technology or a knowledge upgrade at an educational institution of repute like NITs which organize training programs for their students and accept outside students to work at their labs. This type of a training is a useful upgrade to theoretical knowledge but actually counts as “back to classroom” rather than an internship.

After starting to look for summer training 2-3 months before you need to start it and finally reach a good enough company or workplace just in time or delayed by a week or two. Having reached a name brand or the coveted big corp, most interns end up doing menial chores no one else wants to do.

The interns are either ignored or given totally useless jobs like inventorying the IT equipment, making a survey of problems faced by home-owners in a factory owned residential area for its workers, making spreadsheets etc under the ruse that they are not qualified to handle a real job of programming or its equivalent in other areas of work.

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