DSP BlackRock Investment Managers – Summer Internship 2009

Summer Internship Program: Indian economy has become a force to reckon with in the global financial market. The Indian economy offers tremendous potential for growth and learning as it charts its growth trajectory. At DSP BlackRock Investment Managers, we offer summer internships to students from Tier-1 B-schools across the globe to take advantage of these opportunities.

As a top tier financial services firm in India, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers is an ideal place to experience the dynamism of the India economy. We can offer a wide range of work experience and learning opportunities – opportunities that are constantly evolving and growing to stay ahead of the changing financial service landscape.

How To Apply: If you are a B-school student seeking to get a feel of the Indian financial landscape, submit your resume online and we’ll get in touch with you in case of availability of a suitable opportunity. Apply commudsp@dspblackrock.com

Submit Resume: If you are a prospective candidate looking for a change, you can submit your resume into our Talent Database online. Please mail your resume to commudsp@dspblackrock.com in word format and our Recruitment Team will get in touch with you in case there is a suitable opening coming up.

Email: enquiry@dspblackrock.com

Contact Numbers: 1800 200 4499 / +91 44 3091 5400

Source: http://www.dspblackrock.com/careers/summer_internship.asp

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  1. Apoorva says:

    I am a student pursuing my second year in BBM in Cchrist University and i am very keen to do my internship in the field of finance at Blackrock.
    I hope you will do the needful and oblige
    Awaiting you response
    Thank you.

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