Summer Internship with Avake Technology for Engineering / Master Degrees / Ph.D.s

Summer Internships with Avake Technology for Engineering / Master Degrees / Ph.D.s, at its Avake IDC, is an exciting first step towards your career. Avake offers full-time, paid summer internships that give four-year engineering college students hands-on opportunities to contribute ideas to challenging projects, network with Avake professionals and learn from real-world experiences. Avake usually searches for and recruits summer interns between January and April, though applications are accepted year-round.

To Apply at Avake :

Avake offers summer internship opportunities to students who are currently enrolled in a college or university program. Before applying, it’s a good idea to inquire with your college or university about receiving credit for your internship. Also, please review carefully the prerequisites and additional qualifications described above for the internship position at Avake, before you apply. Since Avake has limited number of internship positions in a year, it is advised to apply as soon as possible.

Please apply now by sending your detailed resume in an email to they will get in touch with you through email if you are short-listed for the interview for Internship position. Also, your resume will be kept on file for at least six months so it is not necessary to resubmit your resume within six months unless it has changed.

Benefits :

Interns at Avake are valuable members of Avake team, and therefore may earn many of the benefits available to full-time employees. These include:

* Competitive Stipends
* Vacation and holiday time
* Relocation Assistance
* Opportunities to network with Avakens and other intern at informational sessions, social events and team events

Prerequisites :

Most Avake interns are involved in one of the following (or comparable) degree programs. For technical opportunities, Avake typically hires students working toward bachelor’s or master’s degrees, or Ph.D.s in:

* Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Computer Applications
* Electronics Engineering/Electrical Engineering
* Mathematics/Bio Science (Masters or Ph.D. only)

Additional Qualifications :

In addition to a student’s degree program requirements, there are three additional qualifications you must meet to be considered for an Avake Internship:

* You must be a full-time student enrolled in a college or university
* You must be authorized by your college to enroll at Avake’s Intern Program

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