Marketing / Hr Internships at Lakshmi Corporation

Lakshmi Corporation Internship opportunities for Marketing / Hr Interns as Lakshmi Corporation ( Lakshmi LLC Registered ) is a start up located in both US and India.

To Apply:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Photo

with the following requirements given above email your resume to

Location: Anywhere on the globe

Job Description :

Marketing Internship: Unpaid

  • Market Research

HR Internship : Un Paid

  • Technical Recruitment

Above opportunities are ideal for student studying for Business.

International opportunities: Paid/Un Paid

  • International opportunities with partner companies in Europe, Asia and Latin America

These opportunities are ideal for any student studying for Engineering, Architecture and Business.

Lakshmi Corporation Achievements :

**Lakshmi Corporation is Marketing and Technology Partner of Global Gita
Conference 2009 at Haridwar, India **

**Lakshmi Corporation promoted British Asian Broadcasting Station SPICEFM
98.8 globally to achieve full time licence in 2008**

**Lakshmi Corporation is Marketing Partner of Global Gita Conference 2008
at Newyork, USA **

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