Internship at MyWebERA for Marketing and Sales

MyWebERA is the unique destination for Painters, Animators, Gamers and Game Developers. First in its category, MWE (MyWebERA) provides a platform where EVERY ONE IS WELCOME. MyWebERA helps users to bring down people with same creative interest in a single place, irrespective of their location & diversities also provides a platform to showcase their talent to the world, even a small kid or anyone from distant village/town gets the change to showcase their talent.

MWE also encourages users to communicate & know like-minded creators / innovators across the globe through Blogging/discussion board in the website. Users can View-Rate-Comment on others’ works and get rewards for their own creation when it is highly rated by other users. Four first generation entrepreneurs at Chennai, India started MyWebERA on August 15, 2008; it also has presence in Kolkata, New Delhi and Chicago, USA. MyWebERA (MWE) has launched three different websites for painters, animators and game developers, namely, and

Build on three different themes, the three websites provide platform to individuals to upload their own created contents, which could be rated and commented by other users. The content owner even can sell it through MWE at their desired price. Users can also compete for the best creation of the month, when the creations get highly rated by other users.

How to apply:

Email your resume directly to ( With Subject / Reference ID of the email as:

Location: Delhi, Gurgaon

Stipend: Performance based incentive

Duration: 2 months

Internship-Marketing Internship:

Internship Description:

Phase – 1:

* He/ She needs to understand and analyze the market opportunity for MyWebERA and build up the brand identity of MyWebERA among its target audience. The candidate needs to organize on-campus / off campus events/contests at different painting, animation or game developing institutes in different cities and also needs to interact and present MyWebERA to their top management/key people.
* The candidate needs to travel as per requirement; MyWebERA will reimburse all traveling expenses as per actual.
* He/she will be reporting to the advisory board of MyWebERA.

Phase – 2:

Will be discussed with the candidate after successfully completion of the Phase –1. The duration of Phase –2 will be 1 month or more.

The overall objective of this assignment would be:

* Build up the brand MyWebERA in its target segment.
* Analyze the potential market for MyWebERA
* Help MyWebERA to form business partnership with educational institutes, painting, animation and game developing schools.

Working with startup is really fun mixed with professionalism. As a Startup deals with lots of challenges, the candidate can show their creativity and innovativeness, one can also contribute their thoughts and those will be always appreciated in startups. He/she will get the opportunity to work with a young and dynamic team and there are many more activities to come from MyWebERA, hence the person can get engaged more with those assignments with MyWebERA in future.

Information about MyWebERA :

MyWebERA has also been nominated and voted highly on “TATA NEN Hottest Startups Viewers Choice Award”

and it also been selected as one of the top 254 business ideas of the county through Economic Times “Power of Ideas” contest and going to meet the investors for funding.

At MyWebERA, we believe that the world is moving towards a virtual era where people communicate, know each other, express talent and get popular over-night by virtue of their talent. To know more please visit:

Some Press releases:

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