Graduate Internships at South Asia Youth Environment Network-SAYEN

At SAYEN Secretariat-As part of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, CEE offers internship to students and young professionals in any one of CEE’s twenty-one thrust areas ( ).
Objectives of the Internships:

* To provide an understanding of SD concerns, issues and efforts globally
* To provide an understanding of how Education can contribute to effective Sustainable Development
* To provide an opportunity to experience a working environment and develop work-related skills

How to apply:

Interns are expected to fill-up the internship request form (below) and send it to along with their detail CV and a passport size photograph.

Form for Field Work Placement/Internship at CEE India :

Location: Any one of the CEE project offices

Certification: A completion certificate would be issued after submission of the final Internship project report.


The period of internship could range from a month to nine-months. There are two kinds of internships:

1. Structured- Fixed time of the other
2. Non-structured- any time of the year


* Young graduates while starting their career or higher education or for whom it is an academic requirement, join us as interns.


* During internship, youth are involved in particular tasks such as research project, action project, development of communication media and materials and/or documentation activities of an on-going project.

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