Internship resume – How to write a resume for intern positions? Tips for writing Internship resume

You will need a resume if you are looking for an internship and applying for the intern jobs. And remember your resume will be one of the deciding factor for getting a call for internship.

A well made resume, which identifies your goals, academic background, skills, experience (if any), and activities, is just as critical for the internship search as it will be for your job search after you complete your education. A resume or CV which is for internship may not be very different from the one that you will use for a job application – both in intent and content. However, you may include some information for the internship resume which you may not in your final resume for the job search.

Structure of an internship resume:

  • Objective of Internship: Write your objective for internship (customize for internship you are applying)
  • Skills: Write your skill set (relavant to internship you are applying)
  • Relevant experience: Write your experience relevant for internship. This may be part time experience or other projects. Explain in detail.
  • Other experience: List the other experience (not related to internship being applied for). Be brief as this is not so relevant.
  • Education: (Reverse Chronological – include present course up to last semester)
  • Awards and Honors: (List any awards, honors, scholarships)
  • Extra curricular activities
  • References: Give some academic and if possible related industry references
  • Contact Information: (Name, Address, Phone, Email)

Some Tips for writing internship resume:

  • Tailor your resume for internship your are applying
  • Write tailored cover letter or email
  • Use ‘Reverse Chronological’ for education and experience
  • Keep the contact details latest (don’t miss that one call)
  • Propose your project while being flexible to change it if organization demands
  • Keep it short – 1 page resume and 5 line cover letter
  • Be prepared with your “Elevator Speech”

If you modify your resume based on tips above you will soon get the positive feedback from employers.

Best wishes for your internship!


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    .hi i am abreez khan form limt greater noida i am looking for summer
    internship in finance can anyone help me on that issue plz give me any one resume for help me upgrade our resume for intership. And alsoo help me in which sector i should go for a intership.
    Thank u .

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