Marketing/Brand Management Internship: Indicorps

Indicorps seeks a marketing/brand management professional to assist Indicorps strengthen its inspirational messaging in India through Indicorps and related programs.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Creating content for a new brochure & promotional materials for the Indicorps fellowship
* Developing a concept for 30-90 second Indicorps television commercials and public service announcements
* Promoting local Volunteer Ahmedabad events
* Create alumni presentation materials
* Creating effective messaging on Indicorps promotional materials (t-shirts, magnets, etc.)
* Updating and maintaining webpage, news site, and outreach materials to capitalize on current development trends
* Assisting with marketing and Indicorps promotion internationally
* Developing a marketing/brand strategy for Indicorps 2009


* Please submit samples of previous work
* Ability to understand and express Indicorps’ vision and values framework will be critical

Length of Internship:
4-6 months flexible

About Indicorps:
Indicorps encourages aspiring young leaders of the Indian Diaspora to engage in intense grassroots development opportunities that explore the promise of leadership and help leverage their skills and talents to address India’s pressing needs. The organization encompasses several programs, including Volunteer Ahmedabad (VA!), capitalizing on the spirit of volunteerism of Ahmedabad citizens; Ahmedabad Ultimate, promoting the spirit of fair play and competition through Frisbee; and the flagship Indicorps Fellowship Program. The Fellowship emphasizes public service and personal growth, seeking to nurture and inspire a new brand of socially conscious leaders through structured one – and two-year grassroots service opportunities in India.

Your internship and Indicorps:
As an intern, you support the backbone of Indicorps, strengthening organizational capacity and growing initiatives. The Indicorps space encourages you to be innovative and challenge yourself to contribute in a constructive manner. You will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from many people in the NGO sector in India. While not a field-based internship, you will serve a critical role in supporting fellows, encouraging others to serve, and effecting change. Regular learning opportunities will offer you the chance to process your internship and share insights. Your primary commitment will be with your internship project, but you will be able to contribute to other Indicorps activities, including the Young Professionals Service Initiative, VA! and Ahmedabad Ultimate. For more information about Indicorps, please visit us online at

Program Structure:
Orientation (one week) – An intensive, one-week orientation with your internship class will introduce you to the Indicorps philosophies and working style and provide you with background on Indian history, governance, and economic structures. Speakers and NGO site visits will give you more insight about the development sector in India. You will also have the opportunity to orient yourself with Ahmedabad city and learn more about how to contribute to your space.

Accommodations – Indicorps will provide housing for orientation week. If you do not have family or friends in Ahmedabad with whom you can stay for the duration of the internship program, the Indicorps team will be happy to assist you in finding affordable housing. Finding housing should not take more than a few days and can happen simultaneously with orientation week. Housing options may include an all-boys or all-girls group flat or a home-stay situation.

Documentation – You will be required to provide weekly assessments about the progress and development of your project(s). Writing opportunities will provide time to reflect on your internship as well as your contribution to service in India.

Program Highlights:
Thursday Learnings – Regular learning opportunities each week will offer you the chance to share your reflection writings, practice your language skills, attend a lecture, or interact with people from the NGO sector. As an intern, you will also be encouraged to create opportunities for the Indicorps team.

Learning Journeys – You will join in at least one off-site initiative, giving you a chance to immerse yourself in rural communities in India and participate in a service project.

Fellows Workshop – The August 2008 fellowship class will meet for its second workshop in March 2009. As an intern, you will contribute to the workshop and also have a unique opportunity to interact with young Indians in the midst of their year-long service projects.

DEADLINE: 15 November or until positions are filled. Interns must confirm by 30 December 2008.

For more information, please see our website or contact us at

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