Internships provide students with the opportunity to integrate what they are learning in their classroom with “real” work experiences. Internships are as important in a student’s life as education is in order to achieve the degree they pursue for. Healthcare in general is has been perceived as Medicine in general which is quite true still but does not dominate the field of Healthcare today anymore. As healthcare organizations start to incorporate new rules of engagement a portfolio of wide range professionals are needed in order to keep up with the daily operations of the business.

A wide range of students can apply at all times to the Privat Healthcare Group for Internships: What we look for is a international mix of students in various fields which you shall find below. Of course our preference lies to those who show a high interest as to why they would think a internship in the healthcare sector shall be beneficial to them therefore requirements must be achieved. Healthcare is a serious field but fun is permitted!

What are the benefits of an internship?

An internship gives you the opportunity to :

  • Gain valuable work experience before/after you graduate;
  • Develop new skills and refine others;
  • Apply knowledge gained from coursework to on-the-job situations;
  • Reality-test tentative career choices;
  • Meet and work with professionals, establishing contacts for letters of reference and networking;
  • Experience new work environments;
  • Earn money for tuition and expenses.

If you are the following

1) A Medical student

2) A paramedic/ nurse

3) Business Studies (Accounting, Marketing/ Sales, Business Strategy, Advertising)

4) Economist, Statistician

5) IT

Of Course We shall need the following :-

1) The College/University you currently are enrolled in

2) Your semester grades if you performed poorly you can justify and convince as to why

3) A 3 page essay on “ Why would I want to do a Internship”

A interview per telephone would also maybe fit the criteria incase if one feels its important.

What shall I get in return ?

1) Well we shall give you housing

2) You shall stay at the complex of the Privat Healthcare Group therefore you do not need money as all is provided for!

3) A lot of experience that’s gonna help you build your future!

4) A piece of paper that states your performance!!

More Information

Further More information about internships, Please contact us through email or phone :- or Ph :- +91 (0124) 2351162, 2352097, 2353793;

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