Internship Programme in Sustainable Development (IPSD) at Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED) Cochin

Internship Programme in Sustainable Development (IPSD) at Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED) Cochin

1.0. Mission

Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED) is a Center for both advanced learning and practice in enterprise development, with thrust on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The Institute’s mission is to advance the theory and practice of development, and especially of enterprise development, among civil society, enterprises, policy makers, international partners, media, and other practitioners. In doing so, the Institute provides a vehicle for an examination of policy, introspection on development experience, evolution of appropriate strategies and demonstration of methodological innovations.

ISED is an autonomous scientific institution having the capacity of a legal personality (TCLSCS Act-1955, Reg No. ER-300/88), with its base in Cochin, South-West India. An organisation which draws upon diverse interests and expertise, the Institute is governed by its Board of Governors. By mandate and practice, the Institute operates at local, national and international platforms.

2.0. Objectives

The objectives of the Programme are:

(1) to provide opportunities for gaining experience on the theory and practice of sustainable development, with special reference to enterprise development and corporate social responsibility.
(2) to expose the Interns to the Programme and activities of the Institute

(3) to participate and assist in the regular activities of the Institute ,under its various Activity Centres

(4) to provide an exposure to India’s Small and Medium Enterprises sector and social enterprises.

3.0. Content of the Programme
A truly multi-disciplinary programme, the IPSD is meant to offer a platform for cross-fertilisation of varied knowledge, skills, and backgrounds, to the context of sustainable development. Hence, the Internship covers, students, researchers and practitioners from varied backgrounds.

The Interns will be placed under different projects and activities of the Institute, based on their interests and competence, as also the Institute’s programme and requirements. The activity spectrum includes, research, organization of seminars and events, business development services, publication etc.

4.0. Who can apply?

Persons who have completed Graduation or Post-Graduation, or who intend to do their Summer Internship, and activists, and middle–level researchers can apply. Candidates from social sciences, social work, management and engineering are generally encouraged.

5.0. Duration

Internships are of a duration of three months to one year. This duration is subjected to the decision of the Institute. However, short term Internships also are considered on merit.

6.0. Output and Benefits
The Interns are expected to work under the supervision of a Faculty Member. They should submit a detailed Internship Report on completion of their Internship period. This report will be peer-reviewed for issue of Internship Certificate. The benefits to the Interns, as offered by the Programme are the following:

(1) Opportunities of placement/ training as part of particular courses (eg. MSW, MBA Programme, Courses in Business Economics etc.)

(2) Career guidance

(3) Development of soft skills and hard skills.

(4) Exposure to research and Programme environment (The contents of the Internship Report, with written permission from the Institute, can be used for the partial requirements of another course, eg. M. Phil).

(5) International exposure with the private sector, government, voluntary sector ,and academia.

7.0. Broad Programme Content:
The candidates have to work in any of the broad Activity areas:

(1) Collection of data and information
(2) Desk research
(3) Publishing and Content development
(4) Production of documentaries
(5) Preparation of case studies.
(6) Market Research
(7) Development of networks
(8) Organization of seminars and discussion groups

8.0. How to Apply?

Correspondence in this connection are invited both from individuals and from their respective institutions. Applications are invited four times in an year, viz, January- March, April-June, July-September and October-December. Internships are generally unpaid. However, in exceptional cases, paid Internship also may be considered or unpaid Internship converted into a paid one, on satisfactory completion of a minimum period.

Application should be made in the prescribed format available from the following address:

The Coordinator,
Internship Programme,
Institute of Small Enterprises and Development
ISED House, ISED Road, Cochin 682 028, India.
Ph: 0484 2808171/ 2808727 Fax: 0484 2809884


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