CACIM’s Internship Programme

CACIM’s Internship Programme

The purpose of CACIM’s Internship Programme is to offer an opportunity to young people to :

  • Work in an upcoming organisation based in New Delhi, India trying to develop a critical understanding of the Movements and Cultures of Politics.
  • Provide an insight in the various research tools and at the same time learn manage other kinds of data involved in any research work. CACIM is involved in documentation of the resource material for a range of issues and concerns and offer a window to the contemporary social and political issues.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of movement dynamics, in particular with respect to the World Social Forum Process and struggles around social justice in the country with a global perspective.
  • Provide an opportunity to read and gain from a modest collection of books and documents on a range of subjects and issues, and in addition get to know people who visit the place for their research work and various processes and campaigns where CACIM is involved.
  • Be a part of the institution building team and interact with other team members.
  • Present outputs in public forums on the web and in print.

Whats required

CACIM provides internship opportunities to qualified graduate students with a keen interest in the social movements and socio-economic processes worldwide.

Internship applicants should have –

  • A Graduate degree in any subject but with an understanding of social issues, development activities, familiarity with the documentation and some knowledge about the World Social Forum process and different streams of struggles for social justice globally.
  • Knowledge of the key sociological, and political terminology, which are related with a Research Project – previous experience in some kind of research / campaign / advocacy work would be good.
  • Possess good communication skills in Hindi and English (familiarity with Portuguese or other European languages would be appreciated).
  • Proficiency in the Computers – comfortable with working on web, and good typing speed.
  • Hardworking, interested in both detail and the larger picture, willingness to learn, methodical, and determined; and –
  • Pleasant and easy-going in character.

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For Further Information

Madhuresh Kumar / Jai Sen CACIM : India Institute for Critical Action – Centre in Movement A – 3, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110 024 Ph : +91 11 4155 1521 / +91 9818 905 316 E-mail : Web : www.cacim.netexternal link /

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