ARDENT TECHNOLOGIES is Offering Live Projects at Bangalore, Kolkota & Durgapur

ARDENT TECHNOLOGIES is Offering Live Projects at Bangalore, Kolkota & Durgapur

What are live projects?
Software we are developing for our clients, or developing as our product. The clientele is not
mentioned since it is confidential. The briefing of each project is given below. A group of
student could work on any of these projects. The number of students in a group depends
varies from project to project.

We provide opportunity to a student for working on a project to research, design, develop new
products and add value to established ranges.

What do they offer?

! An opportunity for businesses to try design inexpensively and at little risk
! Market research
! Human factors and user research
! New product development
! Product lifecycle of established products extended
! Ideas factory – rapid production of diverse product and service concepts
! New practices and procedures in innovation can be evaluated and assessed
! Prototype development
How do students develop a project?

Students undertake a phased design and development approach.
! Phase 1 Scoping: Briefing, scoping the market place, the competition and the
! Phase 2 Breakthrough: User group research, client needs analysis and human factors
! Phase 3 Conception: Brainstorming, product and service concept development
! Phase 4 Definition: Concept selection, proof of concept, technology selection and user
testing, implementation approaches and service elements defined
! Phase 5 Implementation: Coding the software
! Phase 6 Production: Optimized solution is brought to market.

Value addition
Students are exposed to real time software development.
The area of the projects will be the most demanding and up-to-date technologies in the
software industry. The candidates will be provided a rigorous training in the necessary
technology as per our training curriculum before the project. The name of the developers will
be available in the Internet at the Developers section of the Web Application. The candidates
could put this experience as real time software development experience in their CV.

How do students of your institutions participate in the process?

The interested students should contact the authorities with a copy of their CV and area of interest. The details of the students should be communicated to us.

Our technology domains, software, databases, application servers

! Java SE 5 (Tiger), Java SE 6 (Mustang)
! J2EE 1.5
! Struts
! AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
! Web Sphere Application Server
! Eclipse
! Spring
! Hibernate
! J2EE Web Services
! Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005
o C#.NET
o XML Web Services
! ECMAScript for XML – E4X
! Oracle 9i
! SQL Server
! UML 2.0
! Design Patterns
! Enterprise Patterns
! XQuery
! Xpath
! WS-Specifications
! IBM Web Sphere
! BEA Web Logic
! Apache Tomcat

See a list of major projects



Ardent House

#394/29, Y.M.K. Plaza, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar 6th Block

Bangalore – 560010.

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    I'm final year BE student..
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    hi this harshitha pursuing my 1st yr MBA in Christ university, Bangalore
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    I am T.Kranthi Kiran pursuing MBA(IB) 4th year of five year course .I would like to do my summer project in finance,kindly arrange the project at Bangalore or Hyderabad from May-2011 to july-2011 and oblise

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