Finance or Human Resources or Marketing Interns from Osmania University College of Commerce and Business Management

I introduce you to the MBA students (07 – 09 batch) of the prestigious Osmania University College of Commerce and Business Management, Osmania University. You will find the accomplishments of the students excellent and appreciable.

I am here to state a submission to give our students an opportunity to get associated with your organization as ‘interns’ in either Finance or Human Resources or Marketing department. This meaningful association will let you experience and exploit the talent of our students for your business growth. Meanwhile, it will provide the students with first hand exposure to the practical intricacies of business. A report of their work at your place will fulfill their mandatory requirement of doing ‘project work’ as part of their course structure.

I hope you will take this on a positive note. If you have any queries, then please feel free to call at my numbers given in this mail.


Dr S Parthasaradhi

Asst Professor and Placement Co-ordinator

Department Of Business Management,

Osmania University,

Hyderabad – 500007.

Tele/Fax: +91 40 27098236

Mobile: 09849555039



Student Co-ordinators

Lasya M: 9866758659

Tameem Farooqui: 9966762865

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