Atlas Service Corps is now accepting applications for the 2008-09 fellowship program in USA

Become an Atlas Service Corps Fellow

Atlas Service Corps is now accepting applications for the 2008-09 fellowship program. We encourage you to read the following information carefully to learn about eligibility and how to apply.

Here is the application process:

All candidates MUST:

  • Be citizens of Colombia, Ecuador or India (for fellowships to the United States); or from the United States (for fellowships to Bogotá, Colombia).
  • Have 3-8 years of experience in the citizen sector of your home country.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Speak, read and write English fluently. If volunteering in Colombia, you must speak, read and write Spanish fluently as well.
  • Be committed to your country and return home after the one-year fellowship program.

(Optional). Individuals may nominate candidates with the nomination form found here.

1. Candidates must read and complete the “Eligibility Survey” found at

2. Candidates who meet the application criteria will be able to download the application form. If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, then you may email and request an online login and password.

The application must also include the following items:
(a) Send two to three reference letters to Reference letters from relatives will NOT be considered. Click here to download the reference letter form.

(b) Microsoft Word or PDF file of CV/resume (no longer then 2 pages)

(c) Any other supporting documentation requested in the application

If you have limited access to the Internet, a paper application may be filled out and mailed to the respective country office in Colombia, India or the United States. Paper applications are due five days in advance of electronic applications; we strongly recommend submitting your application electronically. If special arrangements need to be made, please email or call us at or (+1-202-669-4497) or (+571-313-0043). Our mailing information for each country can be found on the Contact Us page.

3. Applications will be reviewed by a committee including citizen sector, government and business leaders from multiple countries. Two semi-finalists will be chosen for each fellowship position by the end of May.

4. Colombian and U.S. Host organizations will conduct phone interviews with the semi-finalists in May and early June. The Host organizations will make their final recommendations to Atlas Corps and Atlas Corps will notify the top choices by mid-June.

5. The selected overseas candidates will go to the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá or New Delhi, or visit their local Colombian Consulate in mid to late June for their J-1 / Special visa interviews. Selected U.S. candidates will go to the Colombian Embassy in late June for their visa appointment. If they receive their visas, then they will become Atlas Service Corps Fellows!

6. The fellowship begins with a ten-day orientation and training in August. The $500 Fellow deposit is due on the first day of Fellow orientation.


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