ICFAI National College India: summer interns [SIP – Summer Internship Program] to handle Corporate/Industry work for 4 months

Details :

Summer Internship Program [SIP] is unique to icfai National College and begins form March, 17.08. This 4-month internship by our management students establishes greater interface between management education and industry requirement for trained personnel.

During the course of internship it is mandatory for company/industry to pay each student 3500/- stipend per month. The students working closely with their company guide, work towards meeting job requirements & targets. At the end of the SIP, the students submit a Management Thesis, the findings of which are equally relevant for industry to further their business, and us in understanding the preparedness of our students in taking up more challenges if offered Placements with the same industry, by Nov-Dec of 2008. Our students are ready to handle SIP anywhere in India.

We have 170 colleges spread all over India. YOU NAME IT, YOU GET IT.

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Contact Number: 9848434615

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