Do`s and Don`ts of Internships

Some Do`s and Don`ts of Internships


  • Try at obtain at least one internship during your college years (even if it is not mandatory as a part of your course)

  • Set specific goals for yourself with each internship and Know what you want to accomplish with each internship.

  • Consider accepting both paid and non-paid internships; some of the best internships may not be paid.

  • Expect to be treated professionally and act professionally at all times.

  • Utilize your network of families and friends to the fullest to get leads on internships.

  • Try and schedule regular meetings with your internship supervisor. Also arrange for a feedback from internship supervisor to your faculty guide.

  • Get as much exposure throughout the internship organization as possible.

  • Be open to learning new skills and methodologies.

  • Find a mentor within the organization, whether it’s your internship supervisor or some other.

  • Make sure you leave your internship with new skills,and better understanding of your field.

  • Be sure you have a Dynamic cover Letter, superior Resume and interviewing Techniques.

  • Send thank you letters to all people who interview you — and all the people who help you find an internship.

  • Exhaust all possible internship leads.

  • keep in touch with key coworkers from your internships, and do cultivate them to become part of your network.


  • Don’t expect all internships to be paid. We wish they all were, but many are not.

  • Don’t expect internships to just be handed to you; internships must be earned, like a job.

  • Don’t pass up opportunities to have experiences beyond the regular scope of the internship that lead to chances to learn more about the company or industry.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the career services at your college (like placement officers) — they typically have leads to numerous internship opportunities.

  • Don’t ever give up in your internship quest.

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  1. Pnkj says:

    Plz tell me , how i can apply for summer training in CANON, NOKIA , PHILLIPS

  2. Sudha Rani says:

    Is there any 2 months internship in communication field?Plz elee me

  3. M.bharat kumar says:

    pllzz tell me how I can apply for summer training intership…
    studying first year BBM(IB)

  4. Neha Gupta says:

    hello! sir/mam My name is neha gupta and i am pursuing MCA from ITM University and i am searching an internship for my last semester of MCA program. can you please help me.

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